Our Product

Our Goal

We serve Hand-Tossed personal sized Pizzas with a desirable, sweet, and savory signature crust unlike anything served in CENLA.  We use a Brick Wood-Fired Oven that revolves ensuring an even bake throughout.

​We strive to be a contributing entity within the communities we serve.  One of our many goals is to give back quarterly.  Our team members are hand-picked and compensated based on performance, so we strive to make your dining experience pleasurable and unique. .

Named after my Grandfather James DeGregorio, Jim Deggys is a perfect blend of my Italian and Cajun family roots.  My DeGregorio family passed down generations of homemade Italian recipes and my Averett family sparked a desire for homemade Cajun food.  We bring both cuisines together on our unique signature crust that is a direct result of years of experimenting and tweaking to achieve a desirable sweet craving flavor.  

Our Story

3497 LA-28, Pineville, LA 71360  (318) 528-8116